Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Record of Lodoss War

A profile. I think this one was from my head, too. Pretty sure we're getting into the high school years with this one. Hard to say. But if you study her out I think you will see a lot of aspects from Elmore's elf drawing from the previous post (like the lips), so I think I was just copying, but taking creative license.

My own Record of Lodoss elf. I've always wondered how they can fight for so long but manage to keep their ears intact. It must be like an earthworm in that, if cut in half, the bigger half regrows itself.

Ben introduced me to Record of Lodoss War, a delightful (if gory) Japanese animation staring none other than Deedlit the elf-chick. We had to watch with subtitles (which is how I know the English spelling of her name) because Ben was trying to train me on proper anime etiquette.

Another copy of Elmore's elf. I like this one best, especially the shading on the hair. I'm not certain I could shade like that even now...what happened to my creativity?
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