Saturday, September 15, 2007

The beginnings of a concept designer and matte painter - age 11 - 12

This is a 7th grade drawing. My love for sweeping vistas and beautiful lighting is evident here. I think I see the beginnings of what would develop into my dream of being a matte painter. Not sure what a matte painter is? Go here and here.

Here are some of my earliest monsters. I think this one's called a lionphanticorn.

I think this may be left over from my love of Pern's dragons. When they are born they "impress" themselves into a special person who is to become a dragon rider. If you have not checked out The Dragonriders of Pern series I suggest you do. Not sure I would still like them as much as an adult, but I have many early memories of Pern and still remember quite a few of the stories and all of the characters. To this day I still love the reality that McCaffrey infused into her fantasy world. Mine has that same gritty feeling.
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