Saturday, September 15, 2007

Literary Magazine - 9th Grade - age 14

I had the opportunity of designing the cover for our literary magazine when I was in 9th grade. I think the shapes could definitely be better, but when you consider it was done entirely without Photoshop, but only a pen, some scissors, and a copy machine, it's not so bad.

I think this flower was inspiration for the design.

A church friend named Ryan Roney wanted me to illustrate his story about a phoenix. I remember thinking the story was stupid, and I didn't like the art I did for it either, but Ryan loved it. I can't remember if he paid me or not...whatever the case, this was my first illustration job, and obviously my first opportunity to be published...oh wait. Just kidding. I actually had a piece in my 8th grade literary magazine, too, that totally stomped everything else in there. It was another grid drawing of a woman wrapped in a blanket...where the heck did that get off to???

This was a personal piece. I still like it.

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